Our story started in 1980.

The first incarnation of Patty’s Old Fashioned Popcorn started in Bountiful, Utah as The Corn Crib. Randy began the shop with our old, family caramel recipe and a dream, but expanded it from there. The shop sold homemade candies, nuts, and a variety of flavored popcorn. Soon enough, the shop was a local favorite.

The shop enjoyed moderate success, eventually opening up a second shop, and branching out to sell our products in retail locations. Randy even became affectionately known as ‘Captain Popcorn’ to many locals. As do many good things, however, it came to an end. In the mid-1980’s, we closed up The Corn Crib and went on to pursue other adventures.

While The Corn Crib came to an end, our pursuit to perfect our family’s candy recipes did not. Our family continued to make the same caramel corn and caramel apples for our friends and neighbors that we made in the shop. For years, making people happy with our ability to make sweets became a family endeavor for adults and children alike.

Then one fateful day in 2011, Pat had a conversation with Randy that prompted him to give the popcorn business a second try, After spending a lot of time and effort finding the perfect location and looking for the perfect interior pieces, we settled ourselves on Hyde Park Square in Cincinnati, Ohio, and began building our very own shop full of nostalgia and old-fashioned charm.

The doors of Patty’s Old-Fashioned Popcorn officially opened in December of 2011. While we are fairly new, we love our little shop and we love what we do! We take immense pride in our products, as well as immense pride in the environment we sell our products in. There is no better business to be involved in than one where you get to make people smile on a regular basis.

So, stop by and see us. We love meeting new people and introducing them to our family recipes. We’re pretty friendly (most of the time) and hope to add yours to the list of smiles we’ve helped create.


Pat  and Randy  

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